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We love to support local schools in our area. We are happy to partner with your school's PTA, PTO, Booster or Graduating class. 

We have a few different options for partnering with us and have listed them below. Contact us and let's start this partnership. 


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Having a school event? invite us out to a school event as your inclusive dessert truck, and we will donate 15% back of all sales to you. 


Is your booster in need of funding? Invite us out to serve our delicious desserts, and all we need from you is a place to park. We will provide 15% back to your specific booster. (Games, Concerts, Competitions.)


Invite us out weekly or once a month during lunches or after school. We come and serve a limited menu to your students, staff and parents and we provide 15% back to you.


Staff Appreciation

Option 1 
Churro only! Each Staff member will be treated to our hot fresh 10" Churro, cut in half, which allows them to select up to 2 sugar flavors from our unique sugar flavors (Cinnamon, Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Birthday cake, and Peach Mango). We also provide drizzle sauces of Chocolate, and Caramel. 


Option 2 -
Combo Cups! This is a great way to take your teacher appreciation to the next level.  Each of the staff Members will be treated to our Combo Cup. Combo cups are served with our vanilla ice cream, two of our fresh churros rolled in cinnamon sugar and either Chocolate, or Caramel Syrup.

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